Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What platform is EMS developed on?

Ans. EMS is developed on Oracle & Developer 2000. It is available in both Client server and web-based architecture.

Q2. What version of Oracle is required for EMS to run?

Ans. Oracle 9i / 10g or above.

Q3. What is the configuration required to install EMS ?

Ans. H/W – Pentium IV 3.0 GHZ, 1 GB, 20 GB free disk space.

Q4. Does EMS run on a Network/LAN?

Ans. EMS has a multiuser version which runs on Windows NT.

Q5. Does EMS run on the internet and Intranet?

Ans. Yes. EMS can run from either Internet Explorer or Netscape. In this case server should have Oracle 9i or above version Application Server. EMS has to be deployed on Oracle9iAS to make it web enabled.

Q6. Can EMS be integrated with existing ERP's?

Ans. EMS can be integrated with ERPs such as Oracle Apps, SAP, BAAN and many more.

Q7. What Documents are generated by EMS?

Ans. All pre and post shipment documents. Preprinted documents can be printed on preprinted stationary and other documents on plain paper.

Q8. What MIS reports are generated?

Ans. Some standard reports are - Order Tracking, LC Tracking and Status, Sales Analysis report, Profitability analysis report, pending shipment report, shipment in transit report etc.

Q9. How many users does the multiuser version support?

Ans. Since EMS is developed on Oracle, the no. of users depends on the license for the no. of users for Oracle.

Q10. What are security features in EMS?

Ans. EMS has User management module through which administration can allocate user id and access control rights to various user. This means that only authenticated user can log-in EMS and can access data within their rights.

Q11. Why Oracle as the database ?

Ans. Oracle is the world’s leading database with outstanding features such as Portability, Excellent response time, Database integrity, Performance, Location transparency, Security, Distributed Database, Database Backup and Recovery.

Q12. What printer does EMS support to generate the documents ?

Ans. Dot Matrix, Deskjet or Laser.

Q13. What support is given by Chenab for EMS ?

Ans. User training after installation, 3 months warranty and then AMC facility.

Q14. If DGFT changes their document format, what support is given by Chenab?

Ans. If the change is minor then an upgrade will be given free of cost and for major changes customisation cost will be charged.

Q15. What are connectivity requirements to connect Multiple Locations?

Ans. Multiple locations should be connected via LAN or Leased Lines or VPN or VSAT. Some modules of EMS can be accessed via Internet dial-up or ISDN connections.

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