Export Benefits

The export management system tracks Export Benefits such as Advanced License ( D.E.E.C ), Duty Draw back, Focus Market Schemes, Focus Product Scheme.

Export benefit modules are also available as an option.

Advance License Module (AL)

An Advance licensing module takes care of tracking of licenses, export obligation and Import Utilization. It givesproportionate Export Obligation against Import utilized. AL tracking will also giverelevant MIS reports.

Duty Drawback Module

The main objective of the Duty drawback module is to track the Duty Drawback and claimed amount received.

Focus Market Scheme Module

The FMS module takes care of tracking FMS benefit by tracking the country specific rates. If rates are revised then it will keep track of old rates and new rates. The relevant MIS reports are also provided.

Export Promotion Capital Goods (EPCG Scheme)

The basis purpose of the scheme was to allow exporters to import machinery and equipment at affordable prices so that they can produce quality products for the export market.

Focus Product Scheme Module

The main objectives is to incentivise export of select products that have export intensity / employment potential, thereby to offset infrastructure inefficiencies and other associated costs involved in marketing of these products.

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