Exports Management System

EMS comprises of the following modules :

Order Processing Solution

The Order processing module consists of Confirmed Order from EPR in which other document purpose information will be update by user. The system maintains confirmed Buyer's Orders which are generated from Quotations of EPR.

Letter Of Credit

EMS maintains Letter Of Credit (L.C.) details for confirmed Orders. If not available in EPR.

Shipment Management Solution

Pre-Shipment :- Pre-Shipment details are generated from Order Confirmation and dispatch data from EPR. There can be one or more pre-shipment invoices for each Confirmed Order.

Post-Shipment :- Post-Shipment details are generated from Pre-Shipment. An Export Invoice is generated from one or more pre-shipment invoices.EMS Export Invoice can post to ERP.


Receipts will be prepare against Export Invoice. There can be several Receipt entries for one Export Invoice.


Bank Realization Certificates document is generate after realization of Export Invoice.


The alerts for the pending status of the transaction activities as per requirement.

Documents Under Export at different level


The following pre-shipment documents are generated as per the ADS format

  • Pre-shipment/ Custom Invoice
  • Pre-shipment/ Custom Packing List
  • SDF form
  • DEEC declaration
  • Drawback Declaration
  • ARE1
  • ARE3 (optional)
  • Examination Report for Custom Invoice

The following post-shipment Documents are generated as per the ADS format

  • Export Invoice
  • Final Export Packing List
  • Draft Shipping Instructions
  • Certificate of Origin in pre-printed format
  • Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) in pre-printed format
  • Bill of Exchange
  • Bank Negotiation Letter (Letter to Bank)
  • Bank Realization Certificate (BRC)

Apart from above any documents besides the above mentioned can be generated as per an exporter's needs or as required by the laws of the country.

Export Reports Management System

The following MIS reports are generated by the system :

  • Order Status reportsInvoice-wise
  • Export Sales Report Product-wise
  • Export Sales Report Customer-wise
  • Export Fob Statement Report
  • Pending Shipping Bills Report
  • Pending Receivable Report
  • Pending BRC Report
  • Export Register
  • Commission Tracking Report
  • Export Against Benefit scheme Report
  • ARE1 Report

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