Imports Management System

Purchase Order

EMS PO modules consists Approved POs or Approved Blanket Released.

Letter of Credit

EMS maintains Letter Of Credit (L.C.) details for confirmed Purchase Orders. It is also track the bank limit for LC banks and LC Balance.

Shipment Tracking

Ems is maintaining the Shipping tracking against single PO or multiple PO. It is get data from ASN module of EPR or user can create manual entry in this module. It is keep track of material received against the PO at Custom port.

Bill of Entry

EMS tracks the custom Clearance by Bill of entry module. EMS calculates Custom duties based on duty structure as per custom tariff. It is keep track of custom clearance along with duty payment. BOE type Home consumption/ Bond BOE / Ex-bond BOE will be maintained in EMS. EMS has a facility to know duty calculation by using different licenses.


  • LC covering letter
  • LC application
  • OGL FEMA declaration
  • Bill of Entry Interoffice Memo
  • Form A1
  • Remittance Covering Letter

Import Reports

  • Pending PO Report
  • Import Arrival Report
  • LC Report
  • LC-wise tracking Report
  • Bill of Entry Report
  • License Utilization Report

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