About Chenab

Chenab Information Technologies Pvt. ltd. (Chenab) specializes in Global Trade solutions, Enterprise Management Softwares which enable customers to manage their international trade business effectively. Chenab has software development facilities in Mumbai, India. Chenab has experience of exporting software solutions and services like Export Management Software,Supply Chain Management Systems,Oracle Based EMS System,Import Export Trade Management Solution,Procurement Management System,Oracle Apps Report Software etc. to USA, UK and GCC.

Chenab is focused on the design and development of innovative software solutions for Global Trade. Our expertise covers the complete business cycle of Exports/Imports, Export Finance, Export Banking, Export Benefits leading onto International Private Business Networks where Buyers, Sellers, Vendors and logistics partners can work seamlessly.

Chenab's enterprise management solutions have been integrated to SAP, Oracle 11i, BAAN and other ERP/ Legacy systems. Specifically in the area of Export/Import we provide a depth of functionality unrivalled in India, stretching from Export Management Solution on Client - Server platform to complex, Web-based Collaborative solutions (Private Business Networks) or ERP II.

With many years of experience in Global Trade Solutions, 9 years of ISO 9001 Quality certification and 10 years of DSIR recognized R&D, Chenab provides the best mix of Knowledge, Quality and Innovation in this vital Business area.

Chenab is India's first Software House to receive Government recognition for its in-house R & D activities and also the first in the world to be certified to ISO 9001:2000.

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